Akira is a japenese name that means "happy", as happy as our Geisha, she is now free because she has got rid of the wooden sandals Geta, has put on her cool socks with sneakers and has torn her kimono that wouldn't let her walk, now it's the time to go out to explore the world riding on her skateboard. Explore your worlds, be free! Live is too short to...


The Baron de Samedi is a Haitian Ioa with an elegant and powerful figure. He is a wise magician who waits at the crossroads, at the gate of the two worlds, to lead souls to the Guinee, the world of spirits. However, he is also the god of resurrection because he is the only one who can accept an individual into the realm of the dead. He is not always...

Samurai Warrior

A true Samurai knows nothing about how to overcome others, he only knows how to overcome himself. In this design we speak of the spirit of the brave, those who take risks and make mistakes.  These seamless socks represent what a Samurai embodies: warriors who are guided by the values that make up Bushido – justice, courage, loyalty and honor. The...

Game of Death

The legend of the dragon is still present today and its image endures in time as a great legend of Kung-Fu. It has been, and it is today, an inspiration for many people. Everybody remembers Uma Thurman in Kill Bill wearing that shocking yellow suit with black strips, emulating Bruce Lee in Game of Death.  Like Tarantino, we want to pay tribute with our...

Lotus Pond

Walk through the streets of Kaishung until you see the bigger man-made lake that you could ever imagine. You have reached the Lotus Pond Park! Lose yourself in the striking colors of its tiger and dragon pagodas, the tradition of its temples, the smells of street food stalls and the festive atmosphere that is breathed in this very special point of the...


Our heroine, Takeko, half samurai, half mermaid, is a protector and faithful warrior of Watatsumi, god of the sea. She lives in the Sea of Japan and with her siren songs, she attracts all her enemies. What they do not know is that her main skill is fighting and there is no enemy that does not fall before her katana.  With these designer socks we want to...

Cyber Geisha

Our cyber geisha is the perfect union between woman and machine, where AI development creates the magic spark to make her human, delicate and beautiful. These cyberpunk socks show how emotions can be replicated over time and words like love, soul or heart will be more alive than ever in a future ruled by technology.  In this future, the technology of the...


The Great Kahuna is the father of surfing, which in Hawaiian means “magician” or “shaman”. Legend says that God created man and made for him a volcanic paradise. When he saw that man felt empty, he ordered the waves to go in search of him. The waves, in a display of strength and energy, crossed the sea until they reached the coast. When man contemplated...


The Haka is a traditional maori dance, historically used as a challenge to rivals in war and when peace was made between groups. Nowadays, the Haka is used in different occasions, but it is very well-known in sports fields. The “All Blacks” is the famous New Zealand rugby team, which performs this dance before every important match.  To do this tribal...


Karibati is a natural paradise of crystal-clear turquoise waters and amazing people. It is the first country in the world to welcome the New Year. Kiribati is a country in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where the closest civilization is Hawaii.  For centuries, the inhabitants have survived on a diet based mainly on coconut and fish, but it is currently...

Miami Vice

Miami Vice marked a breaking point in the TV shows of our childhood. It mixed the glamour and decadence that was so typical of Miami in the 80s.  The protagonists Sonny Crockett and Rico Tubbs, dressed in Italian sport jackets, light pants, sunglasses and always had their three-day beard. Strange thugs, expensive cars and stunning girls passed in front...


Do you want to join us for a trip back in time? With these geek socks, we move back to the 80s, where we grew up eating ghosts in Packman, killing invading ships in Space Invaders or being martial arts experts in street fights in Street Fighter. The playing time depended on your skills and the coins you could spend. At that time, these video games with...


Hook machines are our unspeakable vice and we are going to tell you a secret to have a sure prize, but don’t tell anyone! The most important thing is to choose machines that are not too crowded; then you have to move the clamp repeatedly and very quickly so that it ends up swinging like a pendulum. Now you have to let it go down while it continues to...


Graffiti: art or hooliganism?  Arriving from the City comes this spectacular painting on the most original wall: your feet. We like to make intelligent socks with a lot of messages and a lot of fun. We have taken our sprays and we have painted like crazy, so you could have the most original and urban look.

Urban Jungle

Occupy public spaces moved by a feeling of rebellion that drives us to transform the principles of freedom, self-realization and urban cooperation into reality.   Our urban socks do not obey any law, they are perfect for a free spirit like yours, only following your own rules and setting trends.  Grab your skate, put on our cool socks and head across...


We are fascinated with the black panther, for its intriguing look and the shine of its fur. It is so stealthy that it has been known as the ghost of the jungle. It follows its prey patiently until it finds the best moment to hunt it.  Perhaps its slyness was what fascinated us, or maybe it was the mystery hidden behind its eyes. What it is undeniable is...


We want to tell you a secret: sometimes we see UFOs. We know these original alien socks are the perfect complement for you because you are a super fan of the beings that inhabit other galaxies.  Maybe you run into them on their next visit to earth and hopefully, they will feel sorry for your as they realize you are not denying their existence in these...


The arrival of man on the moon half a century ago, changed our culture and our conception of the world. The Apollo 11 mission lasted 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes and 35 seconds; in total over 195 hours of travel during which NASA engineers probably experienced some of the most uncertain moments of all their lives.  You can travel to the Moon with your body...


Predator is one of the most dangerous beings in the universe. His obsession with hunting the best specimens of the human race leads him to search for highly trained soldiers, unscrupulous criminals and even superheroes.  His superhuman strength, his advanced technology and his tradition of ripping out his prey’s backbones, considered most valuable, make...

The Visitors

An alien invasion is taking place in the city of Tokyo. The alarms go off, this time it is not a tsunami but an invasion of flying saucers flying over the city. Our cartoon socks take you back to old good times, where aliens ate mice and fought against human resistance, or simply when they didn’t know how to go back home and asked for a phone.  We want...

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