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The Baron de Samedi is a Haitian Ioa with an elegant and powerful figure. He is a wise magician who waits at the crossroads, at the gate of the two worlds, to lead souls to the Guinee, the world of spirits. However, he is also the god of resurrection because he is the only one who can accept an individual into the realm of the dead.

He is not always willing to cross the world of the living to grant favors, but if a voodoo ceremony is performed for him, along with gifts such as coffee, bread, peanuts, and especially tobacco and rum (his weakness), Samedi will intercede and watch over you. 

With these sports socks, made with thermoregulatory intelligent fabric, you will have the power and magic in your feet. Every day you will be reborn with more strength and energy than ever, because the best of both worlds will be at your side.

  • 43-46
  • 39-42
  • 35-38

Socks with 85% SoftAire, 8% Polyamide and 7% Elastane

Stitched knit-by-knit, seamless and with cushioning zone in heel and toe. 

Manufactured with SoftAir Plus intelligent fiber under the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX ® ecological certification framework, which guarantees consumers that the fiber is beneficial to our health and free of dangerous chemical agents. 

Our socks have a natural and silky touch and they expel moisture to the outside so that it evaporates. This process is faster than with other natural or synthetic fibers and keeps the foot dry, increasing comfort and performance, even in the most extreme conditions. 

The fiber acts directly providing freshness or heat to the foot, depending on the use and conditions the socks are worn. In conditions of heat or high physical performance, it acts as a heat exchanger, expelling body heat and absorbing the outside freshness. 

In cold conditions it acts as a thermal insulator, maintaining heat and preventing loss of temperature in your feet.

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